NewWave Finance
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NewWave Financial is One Business Delivering the Right Solution to the Right Customers...
Job Opportunities


  • Origination Fee Control.
  • Lender Diversification “not all eggs in one basket”.
  • Lender Exposure Management “Relationships Providing Best Qualified Services”.
  • Asset Management Plan “Match Financing with Operational Plans”.
  • Unbundled Financing “Independent Credit & Pricing Program”.
  • Increased Commercial Capacity.
Financial Products:
Needs Basis Selling:
There is not the perfect commercial loan.
(non-uniform, exceptions, non-conforming, risk rating).

How the Program Works & Customer Engagement
  • Pre-application and interview process (handoff).
  • Preliminary financial information collected and financial spreads presented for all parties’ credit underwriting discussion and project objectives. Origination Fee understanding.
  • Proposal Letter with refundable deposit less direct costs; document checklist guide to be completed by applicant including credit report releases.


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